Welcome to “Hollie’s Photo Album” a website specifically made to store and showcase photos of Hollie, our beautiful daughter. With today’s digital technology photo album books are a thing of the past. With everything captured on a memory stick rather then a photo film strip, we can now share our precious memories through “life sucking” social networks with family and friends. Much easier then getting the bag of photos out each time someone new comes round to your house like we did in the old days.


But an even easier way of sharing photos and videos would be through an online album with which family and friends can use to view each and every new embarrassing and cute photo we capture of Hollie growing up. Which means our loved ones wont have to sit through and pretend to like all the photos they have seen time and time again before. Which again like we did in the old days.



So here it is. Browse through the site and look through all the photos we have of Hollie sleeping, playing, doing things for the first time, seasonal and special occasions and anything else we happen to catch her doing while constantly running around with our cameras trying to capture every precious moment.


We hope you enjoy looking through all our memories of Hollie as much as we have enjoyed capturing them.


Lots of love from
Mark & Gemma